Business: FIT4MOM Fitness Studio
Established: 2015
Current Downtown Location: 12 South Main Street
Business Hours: Monday-Saturday classes available morning, afternoon, and evening hours;
see website calendar for details (at Closed Sundays
Phone Number: 630-276-8455
Facebook Link: FIT4MOMS_Oswego

For our FIT4MOM Fitness Studio visit, our team traveled to Hudson Crossing Park (a short walk from FIT4MOM’s brick and mortar location in Downtown Oswego), where mothers and their babies participated in an exercise class led by a certified fitness instructor. The outdoor setting was refreshing and calming, in a nice open grassy area near trees and bike paths. From a first glance, one could see that this group was different from other traditional exercise classes, using baby strollers as their fitness “equipment”! The class participants did various stretches, cardio, and other exercises together, whilst children (ages newborn through toddler) rested comfortably inside pram seats. There was a camaraderie and joyfulness between the moms rarely seen in exercise classes at a traditional gym; these mothers were getting fit and having fun at the same time.

Oswego location representative and instructor Lisa Hillman shared that her primary motivation to open FIT4MOM related directly with her own struggles finding time to take care of herself while juggling schedules of her husband, and five children. Many fitness options involved placing her kids in separate day care or finding babysitting; when she was introduced to FIT4MOM she loved that the company is very mom-centered and she was able to work out and bring her kids along. Besides getting more in shape and doing something to benefit herself, she saw her children enjoying themselves at the FIT4MOM activities- singing songs, meeting friends, and playing games with other kids.


Lisa went further to describe her experience: “I learned more about (FIT4MOM) and realized it was a company created by moms and for moms.  I have a degree in Kinesiology and post-grad work in Exercise Science, and I thought I knew so much about the fitness world.  It took FIT4MOM for me to realize how lacking care was for moms in the fitness world.  An expectant mother’s (body) goes through more physical changes in 9 months than a man’s will in his whole lifetime.  And yet the fitness world was treating them all the same.  Women need different care.  They need different things physically, mentally, and emotionally.  FIT4MOM was a judgement-free zone that met all moms where they were at.  A woman’s postnatal body needs to be treated very different.  And FIT4MOM is there for that.  FIT4MOM is all about providing strength for ALL stages of motherhood.”


In addition to having exercise classes involving moms and tots, FIT4MOM also has a Body Back Transformation program available, which focuses exclusively on women. The eight-week program uses a holistic approach to improve a woman’s well-being, focusing on balancing and strengthening both the mind and body. Participants go through pre- and post- fitness assessments, receive nutritional guidance, and experience two 60-minute high intensity interval workouts per week while in the program (with additional supplemental online workouts available). In addition, FIT4MOM also provides support and accountability throughout the individual’s journey, encouraging personal growth and development of both physical and inner strength through the program.

Other programs available through FIT4MOM are tailored for women’s specific needs. For instance, prenatal classes (FIT4BABY) are designed for moms to stay fit during their pregnancy, and prepare their bodies for birth and post-partum recovery. There are also free weekly playgroups and monthly Mom’s Night Outs that women may sign up for. In addition, FIT4MOM has quarterly service projects for women and families to help get involved with giving back to their surrounding community– past endeavors include book donations to women’s/children’s shelter and raising money for Hesed House, with their next project a planned trip to Feed My Starving Children.


Lisa loves the downtown community and how Oswego still has the flavor of a small town with its friendliness and family focus. The family-based events are her favorite and she loves meeting new families at each venue. After joining the business in 2015, she was also attracted to opening FIT4MOM downtown because of the great camaraderie, partnership, and supportive environment that exists among the small business owners. FIT4MOM is another example of a unique downtown business—taking the category of physical fitness/well-being and creating something more for Oswego women, a truly holistic experience where women may find encouragement to meet their fitness goals while receiving emotional support through community, fellowship, and service.

 Photography: Wendy Greenslade from Locked In Photography
Article content: Karen Kulzer and Autumn Ramsey

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