OSWEGO DOWNTOWN Business Spotlight: Kimberly Ann Home Decorating Boutique


Business: Kimberly Ann Home Decorating Boutique
Established: November 2015
Current Downtown Location: 67 South Main Street 
Business Hours: Monday thru Friday 10:00am-5:00pm;
Saturday and Sunday 10:00am-3:00pm

Phone Number: 630-636-7441
Facebook Link: KimberlyAnnHomeDecorating

For most Midwestern cities, Main Street is a place that reflects the heart and “hometown” feel of its community. Oswego is no exception to this adage; visitors to our town’s center will see many businesses that represent the fabric of where we live. One distinctive store found at the heart of the street is Kimberly Ann Home Decorating Boutique. Started in 2015, the shop’s origins began with owner/operator Kim Schulz using barn space to run estate sales. These expanded into consignment sales which became so successful it was necessary to find a storefront to operate continued business. An Oswego resident, Kim was interested in opening her shop in town; when 67 South Main Street became available, she was attracted to the vintage building with its tin ceiling and location nestled amongst the collection of shops on Main. Through a lot of hard work and determination, Kimberly Ann Home Decorating Boutique’s storefront was open in the short span of 23 days so they could be ready for business at the Thanksgiving holiday.

Kimberly Ann’s is operated by sisters Kim and Connie, who prioritize listening to and getting to know their customers. They both professed that creating relationships with their patrons and understanding their styles and interests was a huge factor in what they decide to bring into the store. Kim and Connie have an uncanny ability to find special items that would fit into many various types of décor—I saw many selections that would work great in a farmhouse, eclectic, or traditional-style environment. Signs containing inspirational or humorous phrases were intermixed with home items constructed of new or vintage items throughout the store. I discovered pieces both functional and decorative (lighting, wine racks, tables, frames, shelving, furniture pieces) that would be great for any home or personal space. Kimberly Ann’s will arrange to carry items on consignment in the store as well. I was advised that many new arrivals are added and the floor display rearranged (since finds are sold quickly), so it is a good idea to visit on a regular basis to see what is new in the store.


Specific themes for personal and/or gift ideas adorned various areas of the shop, making it easy to notice handpicked finds and discover new items. It was exciting to see a large section of culinary items (both favorite and hard-to-find varieties) from Stonewall Kitchens on display. Some Stonewall items include assorted jams, maple syrup, special salsa mixes, various dips, and kitchen sauces. A great selection of Cheerful Giver candles is available in the shop, with various scents and sizes on display for purchase. In addition, I found a section of fun and unique wedding and baby-themed items that would make excellent shower presents. If you are choosing gifts for friends and/or family, Kimberly Ann’s will combine your selections into custom-designed gift baskets highlighting any occasion.


The careful selection of the pieces in the store and the way each was presented made the whole shopping experience in the store feel very personalized, as if someone selected objects and options for my own preferences. For example, Kimberly Ann’s carries a selection of quality potpourri varieties that can be blended into mixes based on your personal choice. If one is interested in customizing a piece themselves, Kimberly Ann’s carries Chalked Country Paint; customers may participate in a how-to class or arrange for a “Ladies’ Night Out” and share the experience with friends. Other class formats may be customized for special events or meetings (class details may be found on Kimberly Ann’s website at To further individualize the shopping experience at Kimberly Ann’s, the store also offers home consultations, room re-arrangement, specific product shopping and installation as options to its customers.


Kimberly Ann’s is focused on bringing a distinctive shopping experience to Oswego; part of this commitment is their involvement in the community of its hometown. The store participates regularly in various downtown events—regulars will note they are open for customers to shop during sidewalk sales, Beats and Eats, Fall Fox Fest, and other happenings on Main Street.

When interviewed, Kim and Connie said that “getting to know (their) customers is what we love”; their commitment and caring for their customers truly shows in the very fabric of what makes up Kimberly Ann Home Boutique. While browsing, it was easy to find items that would remind me of a family member, or memories shared with a friend; I realized that Kimberly Ann’s is a great place to stop when trying to find a distinctive item for that special someone (even if that “someone” happens to be you!).

Photography: Wendy Greenslade from Locked In Photography
Article content: 
Karen Kulzer and Autumn Ramsey